Hundesport - Bloeme/Perry - Disc Dogs!

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Peter Bloeme/Jeff Perry: Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide, Hong Kong 2008.

"Dogs naturally love to run, chase, and grab things with their mouths. For a canine, no activity is more healthy or satisfying than chasing and catching a flying disc. And, the best news of all is that almost any dog can participate in the fun!
In the backyard or at a near-by park, pet owners worldwirde are discovering that ten minutes of canine play is more fun and better exercise for a canine than an hour-long walk.
In Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide, authors Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, the world's foremost experts in canine disc sports, share the tips, techniques, and trainings methods that made them World Champions. This information-packed resource also features an insider's look at the exciting and rewarding world of canine disc competition.
In whatever form you choose to enjoy it, canine disc play is not only fun for your dog, it also provides mental and physical challenges that will help your pet feel that it is living a full and productive life.
The shared activity of canine disc play creats and fosters a special bond of friendship and mutual respect that will take your relationship with your pet to an entirely new level."

ISBN: 978-0-9817237-0-9

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